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My name is HORN ken. I am Cambodian but I currently residing in Czech Republic for a semester, studying Master exchange in International Relations: Peace and Development for five months.
I am so interested in Leadership lessons. I have gone through few classes on leadership in my home university and here in Masaryk University. I fall in love with it and I really want to share this greatest lessons to all of you. It has nothing to do with my knowledge. All I can in this site is just to collect lessons, tips and advice from great books and especially from leaders around the world. Readers do not need to say thank you to me but you may pray to those wise persons.

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I would be really appreciated for your feedback since your educational enjoyment is my main focal point.

"It is nothing as great as being a person of leadership. Leadership means everything. Leadership is your way; wherever you go, take her with you."
Please join me to increase leadership ability in Cambodia and worldwide!